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  • General

  • What is CARzyDEAL?

    CARzyDEAL is a concept that aims to revolutionize the car buying experience in India. It provides the customers with an online platform which is a one stop solution to all his car buying needs.
    The customers get to browse, compare and get the best price quote for his new car within 24 hours. All the formalities are done as per customer’s convenience.
    The service bears no charge thus making it the best way to buy your new car.

  • Why prefer CARzyDEAL over a local dealer in my vicinity?

    The local dealer is not able to provide the customers with fair comparison of all the models within that segment. Also the deal that we provide you is a combination of best dealer, insurance and financing options making it the best deal available.

  • Does the service bear any cost?

    No. The service is completely free of cost irrespective of the buy. The price quote provided to you is the only price that you have to pay in case you decide to go through with the deal.

  • Where is the catch?

    No catch. We believe in complete transparency with all the parties involved whether be the customers or the dealers.

  • How can I report any issues I face?

    The car buying process has been designed to make it user friendly and hassle free so that the customer does not face any issues. In case of any query you may contact us through mail or helpline number provided at the website.

  • Do CARzyDEAL deal in exchange too?

    We do not engage in any exchange. We can try to enquire with the dealer for any offers in case of a special request from the customers but we do not guarantee any offers.

  • Offers

  • How long are offers valid for?

    Generally, the offers last for a week. The offers are subject to change only under some special circumstances like sudden change in prices by the manufacturer or the government.

  • What do I do, once I decide on taking the offer?

    Once the customer generates a query for his desired model, we contact him with our best quote. Once he is satisfied with the deal and decides to go ahead with it, we take care of the booking formalities at a place as per his convenience.

  • How do I check the offers on insurance and financing?

    All the offers related to insurance and financing will be provided with your best quote of your car. In case of any queries you may contact us via mail or call.

  • Why are offers on some models better than others?

    The offers may vary from one model to another due to many reasons like popularity and availability of that model. Some offers may last for limited period too. We request all the customers to act fast on the offers provided to them.

  • Payment

  • Who do I pay?

    All the payment is done in the name of the dealership only. We just act as a facilitator between the customer and the dealership. We are paid by the dealers, insurance companies and banks for enhancing their sales.

  • What are the different modes of payment?

    All modes of payment are accepted.

  • Who would do all the paperwork?

    We facilitate all the paperwork between the two parties i.e. the dealer and the customer. Although all of it is done at the customers' place or at the dealership and is completely hassle free.

  • Delivery

  • Who provides me the car?

    All the cars are still sold through the dealerships only.

  • How do I collect my car?

    The customer is provided with two delivery options for convenience- the car can either be delivered to his place or he can collect the car at the dealership as well.

  • Dealer

  • How do I know that the dealer is trustworthy?

    We only associate with the top rated authorized dealerships. Also all the dealers are scrutinized for a minimum standard of services before establishing any affiliation.

  • How do I know the dealer will honor the deal?

    We provide the customer with a price quote only after ensuring the availability of the deal. We assure 100% compliance to all the offers provided.

  • Why you are not associated with my local dealership?

    We are only associating with the top rated authorized dealerships, which can provide impeccable services to our customers. We are in the process of affiliating with maximum dealerships; your local dealer might be the next!

  • Do I get follow up calls from the dealers?

    No. We strongly believe in keeping privacy of our customers. The dealer does not get access to any contact information about the customer till the time the deal is closed.

  • Where can I get my car serviced?

    Any authorized service centre. The customers can avail all the services for their cars at any authorized service centre in their vicinity.